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If you can't get someone out of your head,
then maybe they're supposed to be there.


CHR [1E4]
sweet 12 , 06/09
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Date: Monday, March 29, 2010
Blogged @ 2:48 AM - Click and up you go .

hey all juz now laugh like hell lor after math
went to library, go up sit down talk then laugh...then solihin say wanna play gamez.
then i tink hiadayah say wanna play laughing gamez. then make 1 ppl laugh at 1 time but is all laugh hahas
then they take  a book then say tis is ur future then use about fish de. LOLS aiyah nid gtg le bb~

Date: Saturday, March 27, 2010
Blogged @ 7:54 PM - Click and up you go .

hiax...later nid go relative wedding...nt eat dinner is eat lunch sia...1st time like tat wor
later will take alot of pic de hahas, wif jie de XD
SYF coming closer ler...hiax...
no nid go sch study haha, go SYF but then gt supp/PAL... ._.
ai ya hiax.. lah nth to post. bye~

Blogged @ 1:30 AM - Click and up you go .

hey all
went to CWP wif jie , jie bought headphone! nice sia
then bought keychan, bubble tea, mashed potatoes XD
bored leh nw...
gt a white bangle from jie haha
2day cca dam lei lor ok lah bb~

Date: Friday, March 26, 2010
Blogged @ 2:40 AM - Click and up you go .

nw chatting ..bored sia
wa lao math place is eng place, gt ppl chg in my group. ai ya still gt tat annoying ppl...
mon gt PE ...hiax...
nth to post liao short eh? haha bb~

Date: Thursday, March 25, 2010
Blogged @ 12:59 AM - Click and up you go .

haix....so sianz
later must go do homework n revise later tml tr test sia...*sigh*
twinstar chg place sia but is come to her own eng class group ...i wan chg math place!!!arh!
2day mt class write untill wanna sleep leh...aiya nth post sry.bb

Date: Wednesday, March 24, 2010
Blogged @ 12:37 AM - Click and up you go .

ARH hate 2day oso....
math homework idk do leh...hiax...later call 4 homework hahaa
juz nw go eat the ice thingy then, wa lao they pull the rubber band out again lor...pain leh
then tie bck then they pull again.....
so bored 2day CME tr talk untill i wanna sleep ler and Eng class oso
wanna go do homework liao
hate me? shoo off kays.

Date: Tuesday, March 23, 2010
Blogged @ 3:33 AM - Click and up you go .

arh so lag -_-" 2day is the worst day....
-forget to do homework kena scold -_-"
-abit dislike him now...
-HATE HIM (sometimes only lah, different ppl from above)
arh HATE 2day!! arh i juz wanna forget 彼に....but....arh!

Date: Sunday, March 21, 2010
Blogged @ 2:17 AM - Click and up you go .

ytd sms wif twinneyh sms so much juz 2 tink of a gans in then end is twinneyh hah XD
chg sweetie -> twinstar cute eh? my sis tink de haha juz nw go CWP wif mummy then bring lunch come bck
take bus alone..=( 2nd time take alone * scared*
i wan SMS! but now onli hav $9.05 =( i wan unlitmed (idk hw to spell lazy go check) sms then bored can sms woo! 2day got alot of time can post XD aiyo now nth to post hiax...
tml sch ler kinda happi kinda sad. sch start wake up, but feel like sleeping 0_0
then oso cn see frenz. i wan play twinstar de watch!! =) dun wan post ler bb~

Date: Friday, March 19, 2010
Blogged @ 1:27 AM - Click and up you go .

hi all chg my blog song. nice?
HIAX...HIAx....HIax....Hiax.. so bored
nth post sry XD

Date: Thursday, March 18, 2010
Blogged @ 1:56 AM - Click and up you go .

chg blog skins ler nice? my sis use 2hrs 10 min to do OMG. i wait untill sleep ler. zzz...
its a new blog , so all the posts last time gone liao.
the blog song kinda funny lah.. not nice?  haha XD
i cut my fringe so short but still can clip =)
tml then post i wanna sleep again...hahaha jkjk